AFsetFileType(3tsp)                                        AFsetFileType(3tsp)

       int AFsetFileType (const char String[])

       Set the input audio file type

       This routine sets the audio file type.  This file type is checked when
       reading audio files.  Explicitly setting the audio file type bypasses
       the need for a check for file type from the file header.
         "auto"      - determine the input file type from the file header
         "AU" or "au" - AU audio file
         "WAVE" or "wave" - WAVE file
         "AIFF" or "aiff" - AIFF or AIFF-C sound file
         "noheader"  - headerless (non-standard or no header) audio file
         "SPHERE"    - NIST SPHERE audio file
         "ESPS"      - ESPS sampled data feature file
         "IRCAM"     - IRCAM soundfile
         "SPPACK"    - SPPACK file
         "INRS"      - INRS-Telecom audio file
         "SPW"       - Comdisco SPW Signal file
         "CSL" or "NSP" - CSL NSP file
         "text"      - Text audio file

       If the input string contains has a leading '$', the string is assumed
       to specify the name of an environment variable after the '$'.  This
       routine uses the value of this environment variable to determine the
       parameters.  For instance, if this routine is called as
       AFsetFileType("$AF_FILETYPE"), this routine would look for the
       parameter string in environment variable AF_FILETYPE.

       <-  int AFsetFileType
           Error code, zero for no error
        -> const char String[]
           String with the input file type

Author / revision
       P. Kabal / Revision 1.15  2003/01/30

See Also

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