AMY(6)                    Contributed Software Manual                   AMY(6)

     Amy — A chess program for playing and analyzing games

     Amy [-ht ⟨hash table size⟩] [-cpu ⟨number of cpus⟩]

     Amy is a chess playing program. It offers a simple command line oriented
     interface. It is fully compatible with the xboard graphical chessboard.

     Amy supports the following commands:

     <move>  Any move legal in the current position is executed on the board.
             Moves can be input in algebraic notation (e.g. Nxe5) or from-to
             square notation (e.g. e2e4).

     bench   Runs a simple benchmark giving a raw indication of processor

     book    Shows the book moves in the current position

     bookup filename
             Creates a book from the the supplied PGN file

     d       Displays the current position

     e       Shows the ECO code of the current game

     easy    Switches off permanent brain

     epd EPD
             Setup a position in EPD

     flatten threshold
             Flattens the book by removing all entries occuring less
             frequently than threshold

     force   Switch to force mode

     go      Start searching from the current position

     hard    Switches on permanent brain

     help    Show help

     level   Set the time control. Some examples:

             level sd/5
                     Game in 5 minutes

             level 40/15+10
                     40 moves in 15 minutes with 10 seconds increment per move
                     (Fischer clock)

             level 40/120 20/60
                     First 40 moves in 2 hours, then 20 moves in 1 hour

     load filename
             Load a game from a PGN file

     moves   Show all legal moves

     name oppname
             Sets the opponents name

     new     Starts a new game

     perft depth
             Run the perft benchmark

     quit    Quit Amy, return to shell.

     save filename
             Save the current game to a PGN file

     test filename
             Run an EPD test suite

     undo    Undo the last move

     ?       Move now, forces computer move

     Sure, lots of them.

                                 Feb 17, 2003