BITMAP(3alleg4)                  Allegro manual                  BITMAP(3alleg4)

       BITMAP - Stores the contents of a bitmap. Allegro game programming

       #include <allegro.h>

       typedef struct BITMAP

          int w, h;               - size of the bitmap in pixels
          int clip;               - non-zero if clipping is turned on
          int cl, cr, ct, cb;     - clip rectangle left, right, top,
                                    and bottom
          unsigned char *line[];  - pointers to the start of each line

       There is some other stuff in the structure as well, but it is liable to
       change and you shouldn't use anything except the above. The `w' and `h'
       fields can be used to obtain the size of an existing bitmap:

          bmp = load_bitmap("file.bmp", pal);
          allegro_message("Bitmap size: (%dx%d)\n", bmp->w, bmp->h);

       The clipping rectangle is inclusive on the left and top (0 allows drawing
       to position 0) but exclusive on the right and bottom (10 allows drawing
       to position 9, but not to 10). Note this is not the same format as that
       of the clipping API, which takes inclusive coordinates for all four
       corners.  All the values of this structure should be regarded as read-
       only, with the exception of the line field, whose access is described in
       depth in the "Direct access to video memory" section of the manual. If
       you want to modify the clipping region, please refrain from changing this
       structure.  Use set_clip_rect() instead.

       create_bitmap(3alleg4), set_clip_rect(3alleg4),
       bitmap_color_depth(3alleg4), RLE_SPRITE(3alleg4),

Allegro                           version 4.4.3                  BITMAP(3alleg4)