EZ_CreateTimer(3)               EZWGL Functions              EZ_CreateTimer(3)

       EZ_CreateTimer, EZ_ResetTimer, EZ_CancelTimer, EZ_RestartTimer -
       register a timer to EZWGL

       #include <EZ.h>

       EZ_Timer *EZ_CreateTimer(long sec, long ,usec,int repeat,
                      EZ_CallBack callback, void *pdata, int idata)

       EZ_Timer *EZ_ResetTimer(EZ_Timer *timer, long sec, long ,usec,
        int repeat, EZ_CallBack callback, void *pdata, int idata)

       void  EZ_CancelTimer(EZ_Timer *timer)

       void  EZ_RestartTimer(EZ_Timer *timer)

       timer  Specifies a previousely registered timer.

       sec, usec  Specifies the time to wait before firing the timer.

       repeat Specifies the number of times the timer to be fired. A negative
       value indicates that the timer will be fired indefinitely.

       callback Specifies a procedure to be invoked when the timer fires.

       pdata Specifies a client data to be passed to callback when invoked.

       idata Specifies an additional client data to be stored in the EZ_Timer
       data structure. Both pdata and idata can be retrieved by

       EZ_CreateTimer  creates a timer and register it to the EZWGL library.

       EZ_ResetTimer resets a timer to the newly specified configuration. If
       timer is NULL or has already expried, a new timer will be created.

       EZ_RestartTimer  restarts a timer. The specified time will have been
       reseted to a state just like a newly created timer when this procedure

       EZ_CancelTimer  cancells a registered timer.

       EZ_GetTimerClientData(3), EZ_GetTimerState(3)

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