Fatal(3)               Perl Programmers Reference Guide               Fatal(3)

       Fatal - replace functions with equivalents which succeed or die

           use Fatal qw(open close);

           sub juggle { . . . }
           import Fatal 'juggle';

       Fatal provides a way to conveniently replace functions which normally
       return a false value when they fail with equivalents which halt
       execution if they are not successful.  This lets you use these
       functions without having to test their return values explicitly on each
       call.   Errors are reported via die, so you can trap them using
       $SIG{__DIE__} if you wish to take some action before the program exits.

       The do-or-die equivalents are set up simply by calling Fatal's import
       routine, passing it the names of the functions to be replaced.  You may
       wrap both user-defined functions and overridable CORE operators (except
       exec, system which cannot be expressed via prototypes) in this way.


       prototype updates by Ilya Zakharevich ilya@math.ohio-state.edu

3rd Berkeley Distribution    perl 5.005, patch 02                     Fatal(3)