FvwmConsole(n)                                                    FvwmConsole(n)

       FvwmConsole - the FVWM command input interface

       FvwmConsole is spawned by fvwm, so no command line invocation will work.
       From within the .fvwm2rc file or from a menu, FvwmConsole takes any
       options xterm will take, except -e, -name, and -title.

              Module FvwmConsole -g 40x10 -fg black -bg green3

       Also X resources can be set in .Xdefaults file

              FvwmConsole*geometry: 40x4
              FvwmConsole*font: 7x14

       The FvwmConsole allows the user to type fvwm commands into xterm, and
       have them executed immediately. These commands are usually specfified in
       the .fvwmrc file, or are bound to menu/mouse items as specified in that
       file. This tools is particularly useful for testing new configuration
       ideas, or for implementing temporary changes to your environment.

       GNU readline library is called to edit command line.  Also a perl script
       is supplied as alternative command editor. Its commands are similar to

              Cntl-A  - begining of line
              Cntl-B  - previous char
              Cntl-D  - delete char
              Cntl-E  - end of line
              Cntl-F  - next char
              Cntl-H  - backspace
              Cntl-K  - erase to the end of line
              Cntl-N  - next line
              Cntl-P  - previous line
              Cntl-R  - search reverse
              Cntl-U  - delete line
              Meta-B  - previous word
              Meta-F  - next word
              Esc <   - begining of history
              Esc >   - end of history

       Copyright 1996, Toshi Isogai. No guarantees or warranties are provided.
       Use this program at your own risk. Permission to use this program for any
       purpose is given, as long as the copyright is kept intact.

       FvwmConsole can be invoked by inserting the line 'Module FvwmConsole' in
       the .fvwmrc file. This can be placed on a line by itself, if FvwmConsole
       is to be spawned during fvwm's initialization, or can be bound to a menu
       or mouse button or keystroke to invoke it later. Fvwm will search
       directory specified in the ModulePath configuration option to attempt to
       locate FvwmConsole.

       FvwmConsole uses xterm. All resources set for xterm are inherited unless
       overiden by command line options.

       xterm(1), GNU readline library

       Toshi Isogai  toshi_isogai@maxtor.com

3rd Berkeley Distribution          Feb 15 1996                    FvwmConsole(n)