FvwmIdent(1)                     Fvwm Modules                     FvwmIdent(1)

       FvwmIdent - the Fvwm identify-window module

       FvwmIdent is spawned by fvwm, so no command line invocation will work.

       The FvwmIdent module prompts the user to select a target window, if the
       module was not launched from within a window context in Fvwm.  After
       that, it pops up a window with information about the window which was

       The FvwmIdent program, and the concept for interfacing this module to
       the Window Manager, are all original work by Robert Nation and Nobutaka

       Copyright 1994, Robert Nation and Nobutaka Suzuki. No guarantees or
       warranties or anything are provided or implied in any way whatsoever.
       Use this program at your own risk. Permission to use this program for
       any purpose is given, as long as the copyright is kept intact.

       During initialization, FvwmIdent gets config info from fvwm's module
       configuration database (see fvwm(1), section MODULE COMMANDS) to
       determine which colors and font to use.

       If the FvwmIdent executable is linked to another name, ie ln -s
       FvwmIdent MoreIdentify, then another module called MoreIdentify can be
       started, with a completely different configuration than FvwmIdent,
       simply by changing the keyword  FvwmIdent to MoreIdentify. This way
       multiple clutter-reduction programs can be used.

       FvwmIdent can be invoked by binding the action 'Module FvwmIdent' to a
       menu or key-stroke in the .fvwm2rc file.  Fvwm will search directory
       specified in the ModulePath configuration option to attempt to locate
       FvwmIdent. Although nothing keeps you from launching FvwmIdent at
       start-up time, you probably don't want to.  Clicking into the FvwmIdent
       window or pressing a key while it has focus closes FvwmIdent. Pressing
       mouse button 2 in the window restarts FvwmIdent and asks for a new
       window to select.

       FvwmIdent reads the same .fvwm2rc file as fvwm reads when it starts up,
       and looks for lines as listed below:

       *FvwmIdent: Colorset n
              Tells the module to use colorset n.

       *FvwmIdent: Fore color
              Tells the module to use color instead of black for text.
              Switches off the Colorset option.

       *FvwmIdent: Back color
              Tells the module to use color instead of white for the window
              background. Switches off the Colorset option.

       *FvwmIdent: Font fontname
              Tells the module to use fontname instead of fixed for text.

       *FvwmIdent: MinimalLayer layer
              FvwmIdent places its window on the layer of a target window. But
              not below the minimal layer. By default, the minimal layer is 4
              just like the fvwm default layer. If layer is 0, the layer of
              the target window is always used. If layer is "default" or not
              specified, the default behavior is restored. If layer is "none",
              FvwmIdent is placed as a normal window even if the target window
              is above it.

       Robert Nation and Nobutaka Suzuki (nobuta-s@is.aist-nara.ac.jp).

3rd Berkeley Distribution  06 November 2016 (2.6.8)               FvwmIdent(1)