LedgerSMB::DBObject::AUser(Contributed Perl DocLedgerSMB::DBObject::Asset(3pm)

       LedgerSMB::DBObject::Asset - LedgerSMB Base Class for Fixed Assets

       This library contains the base utility functions for creating, saving,
       and retrieving fixed assets for depreciation

       id (integer)
           Unique id number of asset.

       description (text)
           Text description of asset.

       tag (text)
           Arbitrary tag identifier, unique for current, non-disposed assets.

       purchase_value (numeric)
           Numeric representation of purchase value.

       salvage_value (numeric)
           Numeric representation of estimated salvage value.

       usable_life (numeric)
           Numeric representation of estimated usable life.

       purchase_date (date)
           Date item was purchase

       start_depreciation (date)
           Date item is put into service, when depreciation should start.  If
           unknown we use the purchase_date instead.

       location_id (int)
           ID of business location where asset is stored.

       department_id (int)
           ID of department where asset is stored

       invoice_id (int)
           ID of purchasing invoice

       asset_account_id (int)
           ID of account to store asset value

       dep_account_id (int)
           ID of account to store cumulative depreciation

       exp_account_id (int)
           ID of account to store expense when disposed of.

       obsolete_by (int)
           Obsolete by other asset id.  Undef if active, otherwise the id of
           the active asset that replaces this. Used for partial depreciation.

       asset_class_id (int)
           ID of asset class.

           Uses standard properties

           Saves the asset item to the database

           Sets any properties set by the database that were not in the
           original object, usually ID (if no match to current ID or if ID was

           Parses a csv file.  Sets $self->{import_entries} to an arrayref
           where each member is an arrayref of fields.  It is up to the
           workflow script to handle these entries.

           Header information is set to $self->{import_header}.

       get Gets a fixed asset, sets all standard properties.  The id property
           must be set.

           Searches for asset_items matching criteria.  Sets
           $self->{search_results} to the result.

           Search criteria set by the following properties: * id * asset_class
           * description * tag * purchase_date * purchase_value * usable_life
           * salvage_value * start_depreciation * warehouse_id * department_id
           * invoice_id * asset_account_id * dep_account_id

           Tag and description are partial matches.  All other matches are
           exact.  Undef matches all values.

           Saves a note.  Uses the following properties:

           * id * subject * note

           Sets the following:

           * asset_classes:  List of all asset classes * locations:  List of
           all warehouses/locations * deprtments:  List of all departments *
           asset_accounts:  List of all asset accounts * dep_accounts:  List
           of all depreciation accounts * exp_accounts:  List of all expense

           Returns next tag number

           Sets $self->{tag} to that value.

           Uses standard properties.  Saves record in import report for batch
           review and creation.

Copyright (C) 2010, The LedgerSMB core team.
       This file is licensed under the Gnu General Public License version 2,
       or at your option any later version.  A copy of the license should have
       been included with your software.

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