LedgerSMB::DBObject::CUsernContributed Perl DLedgerSMB::DBObject::Company(3pm)

       LedgerSMB::DBObject::Company - Base utility functions for processing
       customers and vendors.

       This library contains the base utility functions for creating, saving,
       and retrieving customers and vendors.

           This is a stub for a private method that subclasses are expected to
           overwrite.  It will be set to the account class of the entity (1
           for vendor, 2 for customer, etc).

           This retrieves the company header information by control code.
           Leaves the overall account class untouched.

           This stores the company record including a credit account in the

           TODO:  Separate company from credit account storage.

           required request variables:

           contact_class_id:  int id of contact class contact: text of contact

           Must include at least one of:

           credit_id: int of entity_credit_account.id, preferred value
           company_id:  int of company.id, only used if credit_id not set.

           returns true of a record was deleted.

           Deletes a record from the location side.

           Required request variables:

           location_id location_class_id

           One of:

           credit_id (preferred) company_id (as fallback)

           Returns true if a record was deleted.  False otherwise.

           Deletes a bank account


           entity_id bank_account_id

           Returns true if a record was deleted, false otherwise.

           Retrieves customer/vendor purchase.

           Search Criteria name:  search string for company name contact_info:
           Search string for contact info, can match phone, fax, or email.
           salesperson:  Search string for employee name in the salesperson
           field notes: Notes search.  Not currently implemented meta_number:
           Exact match for customer/vendor number address_line:  Search string
           for first or second line of address.  city:  Search string for city
           name state:  Case insensitive, otherwise exact match for state or
           province zip:  leading match for zip/mail code country_id:  integer
           for country id.  Exact match tartdate_from:  Earliest date for
           startdate of entity credit account startdate_to:  Lates date for
           entity credit accounts' start date type:  either 'i' for invoice,
           'o' for orders, 'q' for quotations from_date:  Earliest date for
           the invoice/order to_date:  Latest date for the invoice/order

           Unless otherwise noted, partial matches are sufficient.

           Control variables: inc_open:  Include open invoices/orders.  If not
           true, no open invoices are
                      displayed inc_closed: Include closed invoices/orders.
           If not true, no closed invoices are
                       displayed report_type:  Either summary or detail

           returns a list of rows of the summary report and sets these to

           This method saves the credit account for the company.

           Expected inputs: credit_id (int): (Optional) Id for the account
           entity_class (int):  Class of the account, required (1 = vendor, 2
           = customer) entity_id (int):  ID of entity to attach to.
           description (text):  Description of account discount (numeric):
           Early payment discount taxincluded (bool):  Whether prices include
           tax.  creditlimit (numeric):  Credit limit discount_terms (int):
           How many days can elapse before the discount lapses too.  terms
           (int):  How many days can lapse before the invoice is overdue.
           meta_number (varchar):  Account string identifier for the account.
           business_id (int):  ID for business type.  language (varchar):
           Language code for invoices.  pricegroup_id (int): Price group curr
           (char):  Currency  identifier, three characters long.  startdate
           (date):  Date of the start of the relationship.  enddate (date):
           Date of the end of the relationship.  threshold (NUMERIC):  How
           much must be owed before the invoices can be paid.
           ar_ap_account_id (int):  ID of ar/ap account.  REQUIRED
           cash_account_id (int):  ID of cash account (Optional) pay_to_name
           (text):  Name to pay to or receive from.  taxform_id (int);  ID of
           tax form

           This method saves an address for a company.

           Requires the following variables on the object: credit_id
           location_id location_class (1 = billing, 2 = shipping, 3 = sales)
           line_one line_two city state (can hold province info) mail_code
           (zip or postal code) country_code (ID of country)

           This method returns the current credit id from the screen.

           Requires entity_id, meta_number, and entity_class be set.

           This retrieves various information vor building the user interface.
           Among other things, it sets the following properties:
           $self->{ar_ap_acc_list} = qw(list of ar or ap accounts)
           $self->{cash_acc_list} = qw(list of cash accounts)
           $self->{entity_classes} = qw(list of entity classes)
           $self->{all_taxes}  =qw(list of taxes)

           Saves a contact.  Requires credit_id, contact_class, description,
           and contact to be set.

           Requires the following be set: credit_id or entity_id contact_class
           description contact old_contact old_contact_class

           Saves a bank account.  Requires the following be set: entity_id bic
           (bank id) iban (account number) bank_account_id (id for record,

           Saves notes. The following must be set: credit_id:  credit account
           to annotate.  Must be set to annotate credit account entity_id:
           entitity to annotate.  note:  Note contents subject:  Note subject

           Searches for matching company records.  Populates
           $self->{search_results} with records found.

           Search criteria and inputs: account_class:  required (1 for vendor,
           2 for customer, etc) contact contact_info meta_number address city
           state mail_code country date_from date_to business_id legal_name

           Account class may not be undef.  meta_number is an exact match, as
           is control_code.  All others specify ranges or partial matches.

           Requires that the id field is set.  Sets the following:

           legal_name meta_number control_code tax_id street1 street2 street3
           city state mail_code country

           Returns all accounts, and sets these to $self->{accounts}.

           id and entity_class must be set.

           Returns the location if it is specified by the $id argument.

       get Retrieves a company record and all info.

           taxform_list is set to a list of tax forms for the entity's country
           credit_list is set to a list of credit accounts locations is set to
           a list of locations contacts to a list of contacts notes to a list
           of notes bank_account to a list of bank accounts

           This routine gets the price matrix for the customer or vendor.  The
           pricematrix info is stored in the pricematrix hash entry.  If a
           customer (account_class=1), it also populates a
           pricematrix_pricegroup entry.

           This deletes a pricematrix line identified by $entry_id

           Updates or inserts the price matrix.

       Copyright (c) 2009, the LedgerSMB Core Team.  This is licensed under
       the GNU General Public License, version 2, or at your option any later
       version.  Please see the accompanying License.txt for more information.

perl v5.14.2                      2012-03-25 LedgerSMB::DBObject::Company(3pm)