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       LedgerSMB::Location - LedgerSMB class for managing Business Locations

       This module contains location management routines.  This subclasses
       LedgerSMB::DBObject to provide access to automatice mapping of function
       arguments and the like.

           Saves the location.  Properties to be set to be saved are:

           * location_id: Optional:  Overwrite location with this id.  *
           address1: First line of the address.  * address2: Second line of
           the address * address3: Third line of the address * city * state:
           state or province * zipcode: zipcode or mail code, * country:  The
           id of the country as per the country table

       get Retrieves a location record based on the id field of the object.
           Merges the properties into the object.

       search Returns anarrayref (and stores it on $self->{search_results}
       based on the search of addresses.  Not currently used.
           Attributes used as search criteria: address1: Partial match for
           address line 1 address2: Partial match for address line 2, city:
           Partial match for city name state: Partial match for state or
           province name, zipcode:  Partial match for zip or postal code,
           country: Partial name for country name)

           Provides a list of all locations, ordered by country, then city,
           then state.

           Deletes the location identified by id

Copyright (C) 2007, The LedgerSMB core team.
       This file is licensed under the Gnu General Public License version 2,
       or at your option any later version.  A copy of the license should have
       been included with your software.

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