LedgerSMB::Template::TUserNContributed Perl DoLedgerSMB::Template::TTI18N(3pm)

       LedgerSMB::Template::TTI18N - Template Toolkit i18n support functions

       Various functions for Template Toolkit templates for
       internationalisation support.

       <?lsmb gettext(locale, 'string [_1]', param) ?>
           Output the gettext translation for the string in the given locale.
           If locale is a LedgerSMB::Locale object, it uses it.  If it is a
           string, the locale is loaded, cached, and used.

Copyright (C) 2007, The LedgerSMB core team.
       This work contains copyrighted information from a number of sources all
       used with permission.

       It is released under the GNU General Public License Version 2 or, at
       your option, any later version.  See COPYRIGHT file for details.  For a
       full list including contact information of contributors, maintainers,
       and copyright holders, see the CONTRIBUTORS file.

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