MAIL/INTERNET(1)      User Contributed Perl Documentation     MAIL/INTERNET(1)

       Mail::Internet - manipulate Internet format (RFC 822) mail messages

       use Mail::Internet;

       This package provides a class object which can be used for reading,
       creating, manipulating and writing a message with RFC822 compliant


       body ()
           Returns the body of the message. This is a reference to an array.
           Each entry in the array represents a single line in the message.

       print_header ( [ FILEHANDLE ] )

       print_body ( [ FILEHANDLE ] )

       print ( [ FILEHANDLE ] )
           Print the header, body or whole message to file descriptor
           FILEHANDLE.  $fd should be a reference to a GLOB. If FILEHANDLE is
           not given the output will be sent to STDOUT.

               $mail->print( \*STDOUT );  # Print message to STDOUT

       head ()
           Returns the Mail::Header object which holds the headers for the
           current message

       The following methods are more a utility type that a manipulation type
       of method.

       remove_sig ( [ NLINES ] )
           Attempts to remove a users signature from the body of a message. It
           does this by looking for a line equal to '-- ' within the last
           NLINES of the message. If found then that line and all lines after
           it will be removed. If NLINES is not given a default value of 10
           will be used. This would be of most use in auto-reply scripts.

       tidy_body ()
           Removes all leading and trailing lines from the body that only
           contain white spaces.

       reply ()
           Create a new object with header initialised for a reply to the
           current object. And the body will be a copy of the current message

       add_signature ( [ FILE ] )
           Append a signature to the message. FILE is a file which contains
           the signature, if not given then the file "$ENV{HOME}/.signature"
           will be checked for.

       smtpsend ()
           Send a Mail::Internet message via SMTP

           The message will be sent to all addresses on the To, Cc and Bcc
           lines. The SMTP host is found by attempting connections first to
           hosts specified in $ENV{SMTPHOSTS}, a colon separated list, then
           mailhost and localhost.

       nntppost ()
           Post an article via NNTP, require News::NNTPClient.

       the Mail::Header manpage the Mail::Address manpage

       Graham Barr <>

       $Revision: 1.23 $

       The VERSION is derived from the revision turning each number after the
       first dot into a 2 digit number so

               Revision 1.8   => VERSION 1.08
               Revision 1.2.3 => VERSION 1.0203

       Copyright (c) 1995 Graham Barr. All rights reserved. This program is
       free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.

3rd Berkeley Distribution       perl 5.003 with               MAIL/INTERNET(1)