MrmFetchWidgetOverride — Fetches any indexed (UIL named)
application widget.  It overrides the arguments specified
for this application widget in UIL

     #include <Mrm/MrmPublic.h>
Cardinal MrmFetchWidgetOverride(
MrmHierarchy hierarchy_id,
String index,
Widget parent_widget,
String override_name,
ArgList override_args,
Cardinal override_num_args,
Widget *widget,
MrmType *class);

     The MrmFetchWidgetOverride function is the extended
version of MrmFetchWidget.  It is identical to
MrmFetchWidget, except that it allows the caller to override
the widget’s name and any arguments that MrmFetchWidget
would otherwise retrieve from the UID file or one of the
defaulting mechanisms.  That is, the override argument list
is not limited to those arguments in the UID file.

     The override arguments apply only to the widget fetched
and returned by this function.  Its children (subtree) do
not receive any override parameters.

          Specifies the ID of the UID hierarchy that
          contains the interface definition.  The value of
          hierarchy_id was returned in a previous call to

index     Specifies the UIL name of the widget to fetch.

          Specifies the parent widget ID.

          Specifies the name to override the widget name.
          Use a NULL value if you do not want to override
          the widget name.

          Specifies the override argument list, exactly as
          given to XtCreateWidget (conversion complete and
          so forth).  Use a NULL value if you do not want to
          override the argument list.


          Specifies the number of arguments in

widget    Returns the widget ID of the created widget.

class     Returns the class code identifying MRM’s widget
          class.  Literals identifying MRM widget class
          codes are defined in the include file

     This function returns one of the following status
return constants:

          The function executed successfully.

          The hierarchy ID was invalid.

          The widget was not found in UID hierarchy.

          The function failed.

     MrmOpenHierarchyPerDisplay(3), MrmFetchWidget(3).