SILLY(3)                 Simple Image Loading LibrarY                 SILLY(3)

       SILLY - Simple Image Loading LibrarY namespace.

       class DataSource
           This is an abstract class used to provide data to the loader.
       class FileDataSource
           This class allow the loading of an image directly from a file.
       class Image
           Image is the main user class of the library.
       class ImageContext
           Store the data needed by an ImageLoader object during the parsing
           of an image.
       class ImageLoader
           This is an abstract class that define the interface of all image
       class ImageLoaderManager
           Manage the list of all supported ImageLoader.
       class JPGImageContext
           Image Context for JPG image loader.
       class JPGImageLoader
           Loader class for JPG Image.
       class MemoryDataSource
           Load an image from a memory area.
       class PNGImageContext
           Image Context for PNG Image Loader.
       class PNGImageLoader
           Loader for PNG Image.
       class TGAImageContext
           Image Context for Targa image.
       class TGAImageLoader
           Loader for Targa image.

       typedef unsigned char byte
           Typename for a byte.
       typedef std::vector< ImageLoader * > ImageLoaderList
           Typename for a collection of image loader.

       enum PixelFormat { PF_A1B5G5R5, PF_RGB, PF_RGBA, PF_ORIGIN }
           List all pixel format supported.
       enum PixelOrigin { PO_TOP_LEFT, PO_BOTTOM_LEFT }
           List all pixel origin supported.

       void JPG_emit_message (j_common_ptr cinfo, int msg_level)
       void JPG_error_exit (j_common_ptr cinfo)
       boolean JPG_fill_input_buffer (j_decompress_ptr cinfo)
       void JPG_init_source (j_decompress_ptr cinfo)
       void JPG_skip_input_data (j_decompress_ptr cinfo, long num_bytes)
       void JPG_term_source (j_decompress_ptr cinfo)
       void PNG_error_function (png_structp png_ptr, png_const_charp error)
       void PNG_read_function (png_structp png_ptr, png_bytep data, png_size_t
       void PNG_warning_function (png_structp png_ptr, png_const_charp error)
       void SILLYCleanup ()
           Cleanup SILLY library internal.
       bool SILLYInit ()
           Initialize the SILLY Library.

       static size_t silly_init_counter = 0

Detailed Description
       Simple Image Loading LibrarY namespace.

       This namespace contains all the symbols and types of the library

Function Documentation
       Initialize the SILLY Library.

           True if the initialization was successfull false otherwise.

       Definition at line 87 of file SILLYImageLoaderManager.cpp.

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