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       FVWM-Crystal: Tips & tricks

       Here you can find some random tips for the first run of FVWM-Crystal.  I
       assume, that you already installed the package (if not, look in INSTALL
       file instead), and you are now inside your brand new desktop environment.

              •  Right click on the desktop opens new terminal window.

              •  Right click on the Close button will minimize a window. To
                 bring it back, click on the icon of the program in the icons
                 panel, or double-click on the thumbnail placed on the desktop
                 (if you have a layout with thumbnails enabled).

              •  When you start FVWM-Crystal for the first time, there will be
                 an automatically generated panel with applications installed on
                 your system.  Clicking on an icon of selected application with
                 your RMB will launch this application; clicking with LMB will
                 open a menu with other similar apps.

              •  Clicking and holding a mouse button on the titlebar buttons
                 will result in opening of a small menu, which contains
                 available commands for this button.  Letter in brackets
                 indicates, which function will be ececuted when you click on
                 the certain button using your left (L), right (R) or middle (M)
                 mouse button.

              •  If a wallpaper was not set at startup, make sure that you have
                 'habak' or using main menu (it may by a little slow at the
                 first time, because miniatures have to be generated).

              •  You can change a wallpaper, window decorations and panel/menu
                 colorsets using the main menu (a desk-like icon). Your changes
                 will be automatically remembered for the next startup.

       Maciej Delmanowski <>

version 3.1.0                     June 13, 2011                          Tips(1)