XML::PatAct::MatchName − A pattern module for matching
element names

 use XML::PatAct::MatchName;

      my $matcher = XML::PatAct::MatchName‐>new();

      my $patterns = [ ’foo’ => ACTION,
                  ’bar/foo’ => ACTION,
                  ... ];

XML::PatAct::MatchName is a pattern module for use with
PatAct drivers for applying pattern‐action lists to XML
parses or trees.  XML::PatAct::MatchName is a simple pattern
module that uses just element names to match on.  If
multiple names are supplied seperated by ‘"/"’ characters,
then all of the parent element names must match as well.

     The order of patterns in the list is not significant.
XML::PatAct::MatchName will use the most specific match.
Using the synopsis above as an example, if you have an
element ‘"foo"’, ‘"bar/foo"’ will match if ‘"foo"’ is in an
element ‘"bar"’, otherwise just the pattern with ‘"foo"’
will match.

Ken MacLeod, ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us


     ‘‘Using PatAct Modules’’ and ‘‘Creating PatAct
Modules’’ in libxml−perl.