XmClipboardInquireLength(library call)  XmClipboardInquireLength(library call)

       XmClipboardInquireLength — A clipboard function that returns the length
       of the stored data

       #include <Xm/CutPaste.h>
       int XmClipboardInquireLength (display, window, format_name, length)
               Display * display;
               Window  window;
               char    * format_name;
               unsigned long   * length;

       XmClipboardInquireLength returns the length of the data stored under a
       specified format name for the clipboard data item. If no data is found
       for the specified format, or if there is no item on the clipboard, this
       function returns a value of 0 (zero) in the length argument.

       Any format passed by name is assumed to have length passed in a call to
       XmClipboardCopy, even though the data has not yet been transferred to
       the clipboard in that format.

       display   Specifies a pointer to the Display structure that was
                 returned in a previous call to XOpenDisplay or XtDisplay.

       window    Specifies the window ID of a widget that relates the
                 application window to the clipboard. The widget's window ID
                 can be obtained through XtWindow.  The same application
                 instance should pass the same window ID to each of the
                 clipboard functions that it calls.

                 Specifies the name of the format for the data item.

       length    Specifies the length of the next data item in the specified
                 format. This argument equals 0 (zero) if no data is found for
                 the specified format, or if there is no item on the

                 The function was successful.

                 The function failed because the clipboard was locked by
                 another application. The application can continue to call the
                 function again with the same parameters until the lock goes
                 away. This gives the application the opportunity to ask if
                 the user wants to keep trying or to give up on the operation.

                 The function could not find data on the clipboard
                 corresponding to the format requested. This could occur
                 because the clipboard is empty; there is data on the
                 clipboard, but not in the requested format; or the data in
                 the requested format was passed by name and is no longer

       XmClipboardCopy(3) and XmClipboardStartCopy(3).

                                        XmClipboardInquireLength(library call)