XmComboBoxAddItem — add an item to the ComboBox widget

     #include <Xm/ComboBox.h>
void XmComboBoxAddItem(
Widget w,
XmString item,
int pos,
Boolean unique);

     The XmComboBoxAddItem function adds the given item to
the XmComboBox at the given position.

     The w argument specifies the XmComboBox widget ID.

     The item argument specifies the XmString for the new

     The pos argument specifies the position of the new

     The unique argument specifies if this item should
duplicate an identical item or not.

     The XmComboBoxAddItem function returns no value.

     The functions XmComboBoxAddItem and XmComboBoxDeletePos
have different naming conventions (Item versus Pos) because
of the objects they are manipulating.  The Item is a string
to be added, the Pos is a numeric position number.

     XmComboBoxDeletePos(3), XmComboBoxSetItem(3),