XmContainerPasteLink — Container widget function to insert
links from the clipboard

     #include <Xm/Container.h>
Boolean XmContainerPasteLink(
Widget container);

     XmContainerPasteLink requests data transfer from the
clipboard selection to the Container.  This routine calls
the widget’s XmNdestinationCallback procedures with the
selection member of the XmDestinationCallbackStruct set to
CLIPBOARD and with the operation member set to XmLINK.  The
Container widget itself performs no transfers; the
XmNdestinationCallback procedures are responsible for
inserting the link to the clipboard selection and for taking
any related actions.

container Specifies the Container widget ID.

     For a complete definition of Container and its
associated resources, see XmContainer(3).

     The function returns False if no data transfer takes
place.  Otherwise, it returns True.