XmDirectionMatch — A function that checks for a specified direction component

     #include <Xm/Xm.h>
Boolean XmDirectionMatch (d1, d2)
        XmDirection     d1;
        XmDirection     d2;

     XmDirectionMatch compares two XmDirection values.  The function returns a
Boolean value depending on whether or not the two input values "match."  The
simplest match is when d1 and d2 are identical.  However, other matches are
possible.  XmDirectionMatch attempts to compare specified bits only;
nonspecified bits automatically match.

     For example, suppose that d1 equals XmTOP_TO_BOTTOM_RIGHT_TO_LEFT. In this
case, the function will return True if d2 equals either XmRIGHT_TO_LEFT or
XmTOP_TO_BOTTOM. However, the function will return False if d2 equals

     Note that direction can be thought of as having three components, a
horizontal component, a vertical component, and the precedence among them. This
means that in addition to the previously mentioned directions, the function will
still return False if d1 equals XmTOP_TO_BOTTOM_RIGHT_TO_LEFT and d2 equals

d1        Specifies an XmDirection value.

d2        Specifies an XmDirection value.

     Returns True if d1 "matches" d2; otherwise, returns False.

     XmDirection(3), XmDirectionMatchPartial(3),
XmDirectionToStringDirection(3), XmString(3), XmStringDirection(3), and