__gnu_cxx::encoding_state(3Library Functions Manual_gnu_cxx::encoding_state(3)

       __gnu_cxx::encoding_state -

   Public Types
       typedef iconv_t descriptor_type

   Public Member Functions
       encoding_state (const char *__int, const char *__ext, int __ibom=0, int
           __ebom=0, int __bytes=1)
       encoding_state (const encoding_state &__obj)
       int character_ratio () const
       int external_bom () const
       const std::string external_encoding () const
       bool good () const   throw ()
       const descriptor_type & in_descriptor () const
       int internal_bom () const
       const std::string internal_encoding () const
       encoding_state & operator= (const encoding_state &__obj)
       const descriptor_type & out_descriptor () const

   Protected Member Functions
       void construct (const encoding_state &__obj)
       void destroy ()  throw ()
       void init ()

   Protected Attributes
       int _M_bytes
       int _M_ext_bom
       std::string _M_ext_enc
       descriptor_type _M_in_desc
       int _M_int_bom
       std::string _M_int_enc
       descriptor_type _M_out_desc

Detailed Description
       Extension to use iconv for dealing with character encodings.

       Definition at line 50 of file codecvt_specializations.h.

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