aa_render(3)               Library Functions Manual               aa_render(3)

       aa_render - convert image buffer to ASCII-art.

       #include <aalib.h>

       void aa_render
            aa_context *c,
            const aa_renderparams *p,
            int x1,
            int y1,
            int x2,
            int y2

       aa_context *c
              Specifies the AA-lib context to operate on.

       const aa_renderparams *p
              Rendering parametters used to specify brightness, gamma
              correction and other usefull stuff. Use aa_defrenderparams for
              default values.

       int x1 Column of top left coner of rendered area (in characters!).

       int y1 Row of top left coner of rendered area.

       int x2 Column of bottom right coner of rendered area.

       int y2 Row of bottom right coner of rendered area.

       This function does the trick of converting the emulated framebuffer
       into high quality ASCII-art. If you want to be really fast, you might
       use aa_fastrender.  If you want to emulate palette, use

       Note that to see the effect you need to call aa_flush too.

       First call to this function may take a while, because the rendering
       tables are produced.

       save_d(3), mem_d(3), aa_help(3), aa_formats(3), aa_fonts(3),
       aa_dithernames(3), aa_drivers(3), aa_kbddrivers(3), aa_mousedrivers(3),
       aa_kbdrecommended(3), aa_mouserecommended(3), aa_displayrecommended(3),
       aa_defparams(3), aa_defrenderparams(3), aa_scrwidth(3),
       aa_scrheight(3), aa_mmwidth(3), aa_mmheight(3), aa_imgwidth(3),
       aa_imgheight(3), aa_image(3), aa_text(3), aa_attrs(3),
       aa_currentfont(3), aa_autoinit(3), aa_autoinitkbd(3),
       aa_autoinitmouse(3), aa_recommendhi(3), aa_recommendlow(3), aa_init(3),
       aa_initkbd(3), aa_initmouse(3), aa_close(3), aa_uninitkbd(3),
       aa_uninitmouse(3), aa_fastrender(3), aa_puts(3), aa_printf(3),
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c2man aalib.h                  8 September 1999                   aa_render(3)