Composite< T >(3)                   QuantLib                   Composite< T >(3)

       Composite< T > - Composite pattern.

       #include <ql/patterns/composite.hpp>

       Inherits T.

   Protected Types
       typedef std::list< boost::shared_ptr< T > >::iterator iterator
       typedef std::list< boost::shared_ptr< T > >::const_iterator

   Protected Member Functions
       void add (const boost::shared_ptr< T > &c)

   Protected Attributes
       std::list< boost::shared_ptr< T > > components_

Detailed Description
   template<class T>
       class QuantLib::Composite< T >" Composite pattern.

       The typical use of this class is:

       class CompositeFoo : public Composite<Foo> {

        which causes CompositeFoo to inherit from Foo and provides it with
       methods for adding components. Of course, any abstract Foo interface must
       still be implemented.

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