adime_d_double_calc_edit_proc(Adime API Refereadime_d_double_calc_edit_proc(3)


       #include <adime.h>

       int adime_d_double_calc_edit_proc(int msg, DIALOG *d, int c);

       Gui proc for an edit box accepting a mathematical expression whose
       result is a floating point number. The result is calculated and
       displayed on a separate gui object as the user types. The edit box has
       a 3d-ish look.

       The dp2 field points to a `struct ADIME_EDIT_NUMBER *´ which holds some
       information about the behavior of the edit box:

          typedef struct ADIME_EDIT_NUMBER
             int is_signed;          /* Set for integer formats if it is signed. */
             int is_float;           /* Set if we only have float, not double. */
             double min_val, max_val;/* Range for numbers. */
             DIALOG *result_object;  /* DIALOG object to display result in. */
          } ADIME_EDIT_NUMBER;

       The `result_object´ will be used to display the result of the
       expression.  There is an `adime_d_calc_edit_result_proc´ object type
       which is designed to be used as `result_object´, but you may of course
       write your own object to take care of this. Whenever the user changes
       the text in the `adime_d_double_calc_edit_proc´, the result is printed
       to the `dp´ field of `result_object´; hence you must have set the dp
       field of `result_object´ to a text buffer with enough space (256 bytes
       is safe). The `result_object´ will then be sent a `MSG_DRAW´ message
       with the `c´ parameter set to 2 if there is an error in the expression
       or 1 if it is ok.

       adime_d_calc_edit_result_proc(3), adime_d_int_calc_edit_proc(3)

Adime                            version 2.2.1adime_d_double_calc_edit_proc(3)