adime_d_edit_proc(3)          Adime API Reference         adime_d_edit_proc(3)


       #include <adime.h>

       int adime_d_edit_proc(int msg, DIALOG *d, int c)

       Like Allegro´s `d_edit_proc()´, but with 3d-ish style. Note that the 3d
       border is three pixels wide, so you have to add those pixels to the
       size of the edit box. It also adds an extra feature: The `d->d1´ field,
       if positive, is the maximal number of characters, just like with
       d_edit_proc(). But you may also set it to be negative, meaning that
       (after removing the sign) it is the maximal number of bytes occupied by
       the string, including the trailing zero. (This may be different from
       the number of characters when you use Unicode.)

Adime                            version 2.2.1            adime_d_edit_proc(3)