AFFCAT(1)                   General Commands Manual                  AFFCAT(1)

       affcat - Output contents of an image file to stdout.

       affcat [options] image [images]

       affcat outputs the contents of an image file to stdout.  Image files
       that are not raw but are recognized by AFF will be output in raw
       format. Missing pages will not be padded, but the fact that they are
       missing will be noted on STDERR.

       The options are as follows:

       -s name
              Output the named segment, instead of the image data. This is a
              way to output metadata.

       -p nnn Just output page number nnn

       -S nnn Just output data sector number nnn.  Sector #0 is the first

       -q     Quiet mode. Don't print to STDERR if a page is skipped because
              it is not present.

       -n     Noisy mode. Tell when pages are skipped.

       -l     List all the segment names, rather than outputting data.

       -L     List Long. Prints segment names, lengths, and args.

       -d     Debug mode. Print the page numbers to stderr as data goes to

       -b     Output BADFALG for bad blocks (default is to output NULLs).

       -v     Just print the version number and exit.

       -r offset:count
              Seek to the given byte offset and output count characters in
              each file; may be repeated.

       affcat first appeared in AFFLIB v1.00.

       Simson Garfinkel <>

       This file is a work of a US government employee and as such is in the
       Public domain.

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