afl‐gotcpu − CPU gizmo for American Fuzzy Lop (afl)


This tool provides a fairly accurate measurement of CPU
preemption rate.  It is meant to complement the quick‐and‐
dirty load average widget shown in the afl‐fuzz UI.

     See /usr/share/doc/afl‐doc/docs/parallel_fuzzing.txt.gz
for more information.

afl‐fuzz(1), afl‐gcc(1), afl‐g++(1), afl‐clang(1), afl‐
clang++(1), afl‐clang‐fast(1), afl‐clang‐fast++(1), afl‐
showmap(1), afl‐cmin(1), afl‐tmin(1), afl‐analyze(1), afl‐
plot(1), afl‐whatsup(1)

American Fuzzy Lop is written by Michal Zalewski
<>.  This manpage was written by Daniel
Stender <>.