AFTERNOONSTALKER(6)                                        AFTERNOONSTALKER(6)

       afternoonstalker - a clone of the Intellivision game Night Stalker


       afternoonstalker is a clone of the Intellivision game Night Stalker.
       You are in a two-dimensional maze in which you are attacked by robots
       that shoot at you and that you must shoot down.  You must pick up a gun
       somewhere in the maze in order to have a few bullets to shoot.  Avoid
       the spiders and the bats, which can paralyze you long enough for a
       robot to come and shoot you.  The bunker in the center is your only

       Use the arrow keys to move and the Ctrl key to shoot in the direction
       you last walked.  You can also shoot in a fixed direction with the H
       (left), J (down), K (up) and L (right) keys (this is the same
       convention as in vi).  Use the P key to pause the game, and to resume
       it afterwards.  The Escape key quits the program.

       --help display a help page and exit

              display version information and exit

              N milliseconds per animation frame.  Default is 55.  Minimum is
              1.  Maximum is 1000.  50 means 20 frames per second.

              Disable the sound effects, which are enabled by default.

              Attempt to use the full screen mode.  The default is to display
              the game in an ordinary window.

              Play in a practice mode where only blue robots are sent out.

              Use file F as the set description file.  By default, level1.set
              is used.  This file must be in the game's data directory, which
              is typically /usr/share/afternoonstalker.

       This program is free software; you may redistribute it under the terms
       of the GNU General Public License.  This program has absolutely no

       Pierre Sarrazin

       This program uses the flatzebra library, by the same author.  This
       library is itself based on the SDL graphics library (see

       See the Afternoon Stalker Home Page:

       High scores are not remembered.

       No attempt was made to emulate the exact behavior of the enemies in the
       original game.  The bats do not sleep.

       The game may be either too easy or too difficult.  You choose.

                                 May 2nd, 2004             AFTERNOONSTALKER(6)