AGGREGATE(8)                 System Manager's Manual                AGGREGATE(8)

       aggregate - tool for aggregating CIDR networks

       aggregate [options]

       aggregate(8) is a tool for aggregating CIDR networks.  Input is read from
       stdin and output is written to stdout.  It undestands IPv4 networks
       represented as network/prefix, network/netmask and start_address -
       end_addres. It is able to read input in any one of these formats and
       output in the same or a different format.

       It is also able to limit the maximum and minimum prefix length that will
       be output. This can be used to filter, for instance ignoring all networks
       with a prefix longer than 24 bits. That is all networks smaller than a
       traditional Class C.

       -h, --help:
              Display terse help.

       -i, --input-format FORMAT:
              Format for input. One of:

              prefix: network/prefix.

              netmask: network/netmask.

              range: start_ip - end_ip.
              e.g. -

              Note that while prefix and netmask types imply a single CIDR
              network, a range may span multiple CIDR networks.

              The default is prefix.

       -M, --maximum-format FORMAT:
              Supress the output of networks whose prefix is greater than this
              value.  Valid values 0-32. -1 for no maximum prefix.  Default is

       -m, --minimum-format FORMAT:
              Supress netorks whose prefix is less than this value.  Valid
              values 0-32. -1 for no minimum prefix.  Default is -1.

       -o, --output-format FORMAT:
              Format for intput. Available formats are as per --input-format.
              Defailt is prefix.

       Example 1:
              Aggregate some prefixes.


       Example 2:
              Aggregate some prefixes ignoring anything smaller than a /24.

              aggregate -M 24

       Example 3:
              Same as example 1 but input is in netmask format and output is in
              range format

              aggregate -i netmask

       Horms <>

                                7th January 2002                    AGGREGATE(8)