allocrdswinrec − allocates a structure used to create a list
of tables of rectangles.

This software belongs to the  ALLIANCE CAD SYSTEM developed
by the ASIM team at LIP6 laboratory of Université Pierre et
Marie CURIE, in Paris, France.

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#include "rwinnn.h"
 rdswinrec_list ∗allocrdswinrec()


The allocrdswinrec function allocates a data structure named
"rdswinrec_list" used to contain rectangles. This structure
contains a list of tables of rdsrec_list structures (see
librwi and librds).

The pointer to the newly allocated structure is returned.

"Rds202: rdsalloc error, can’t continue !"
     it’s impossible to allocate the memory size desired

             #include "mutnnn.h"
             #include "rdsnnn.h"
             #include "rwinnn.h"
             #include "rtlnnn.h"
                 rdsrec_list    ∗Rectangle;
                 rdswinrec_list ∗WinRec, ∗HeadWinRec;
                 WinRec = HeadWinRec = allocrdswinrec();
                 /∗ Fill the table with rectangles ∗/
                 for ( Counter = 0 ; Counter < RWI_MAX_REC ; Counter ++ )
                    if ( Rectangle == (rdsrec_list ∗) NULL ) break;
                    WinRec‐>RECTAB[Counter] = Rectangle;
                    Rectangle = Rectangle‐>NEXT;
                 if ( Counter == RWI_MAX_REC )
                    /∗ the table is full : allocation of a new table ∗/
                    WinRec‐>NEXT = allocrdswinrec();
                    WinRec = WinRec‐>NEXT;


                 . . . .

     This tool is under development at the ASIM department
     of the LIP6 laboratory.
     We need your feedback to improve documentation and