AMPLE(1)                          User Manual                         AMPLE(1)

       ample - Ample MP3 server

       ample [OPTION] [PATH...]

       ample Ample is an MP3 server that allows you to listen to your music
       that can be stored locally or remotely. It does not intend to support
       mixing, radio shows etc. It's just an easy way to listen to your MP3's
       everywhere using the "open location" features already present in XMMS,
       WinAmp and Media Player.  After installing, configuring and starting
       ample, try connecting to http://server:1234/ with the "open location"
       feature of your favourite MP3 player or http://server:1234/index.html
       with your favourite web browser.

       -p NUM --port=NUM
              Listen to TCP port NUM, default is 1234.

       -o --order
              When a list of files is requested, play them in alphabetical

       -c NUM --clients=NUM
              Allow a maximum of NUM clients to be connected at the same time.

       -n --norecursive
              Don't automatically index files in subdirs of the directories
              being indexed

       -f FILE --conffile=FILE
              Use FILE as config file instead of the default
              /usr/local/etc/ample.conf.  See ample.conf(5) for details.

       -m FILE --htmlfile=FILE
              Use FILE as HTML template instead of the default
              /usr/local/etc/ample.html.  See ample.html(5) for details.

       -h --help
              Display help message and exit.

       -d [NUM] --debug[=NUM]
              Print debug messages, a higher value of NUM means more detail.

       -t --trace
              Disables forking and backgrounding, useful for debugging.

       -v --version
              Display version information and exit.

              These are path(s) to files or directories that Ample can use to
              populate it's list of MP3's. If PATH is a directory, all files
              (possibly recursively, see the -n option above) will be added.
              If PATH is a regular file ending with .mp3 it will be added and
              if it is a regular file ending with .m3u (MP3 playlist) the
              files listed in it will be added.

              The default config file (another file may be used, see the -f
              option above). See ample.conf(5) for further details.

              The default HTML template file (another file may be used, see
              the -m option above). See ample.html(5) for further details.

       Of course totally bugfree or your money back :-)

       David Härdeman <>

       ample.conf(5), ample.html(5)

Ample                            JANUARY 2002                         AMPLE(1)