amraw − Amanda Application open and read data

     Amraw is an Amanda Application API script. It should
not be run by users directly. It uses dd to backup and
restore data.

     Amraw can backup only one directory entry, it can be a
single file, a raw device, anything that amanda can open and

     The diskdevice in the disklist (DLE) must be the
filename amraw open and read.

     Restore is done in place, an open is done and the data
is written to it. A file owned by root and permission 0600
is create if the directory entry doesn't exist before the

     Only full backup is allowed

     This section lists the properties that control amgtar's
functionality. See amanda‐applications(7) for information on
application properties and how they are configured.


     Used only for restore command, can be a device name or
     file, the data will be restored to it.

       define application−tool app_amraw {
    plugin "amraw"
A dumptype using this application might look like:

  define dumptype amraw {
    program "APPLICATION"
    application "app_amraw"
Note that the program parameter must be set to "APPLICATION"
to use the application parameter.

     amanda(8), amanda.conf(5), amanda‐applications(7)

     The Amanda Wiki: :


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