amreindex − re−index tapes or specific dump

amreindex [−−timestamp|−t timestamp] [−−verbose]
[−o configoption...] config amreindex [−−verbose]
[−−exact−match] [−o configoption...] config
[hostname [ disk [ date [ hostname [...] ] ] ]]

     Amreindex reindex Amanda dump images by reading them
from storage volume(s) and passing it to the application for

     Amreindex works in two different ways, it can works on
all dumps of a single run or for a list of specified dumps.

     It reindex the dumps speficied on the command line or
it reindex all dumps from the run specified by the timestamp
(or latest run if no timestamp specified).

     If a changer is available, it is used to load the
required tapes. Otherwise, the application interactively
requests the tapes.

     Not all applications support reindexing.

     See the "CONFIGURATION OVERRIDE" section in amanda(8)
for information on the −o option.

     # reindex the most recent dump
amreindex MYCONFIG

# reindex all dumps of a specific run
amreindex MYCONFIG −−timestamp 20121108013001

# reindex a specific dump
amreindex MYCONFIG localhost /boot 20131108013001

     amanda(8), amreindex(8)

     The Amanda Wiki: :

     Ian Turner <>
     Zmanda, Inc. (