AMSAMBA(8)              System Administration Commands              AMSAMBA(8)

       amsamba - Amanda Application to interface with smbclient

       Amsamba is an Amanda Application API script. It should not be run by
       users directly. It uses smbclient to backup and restore data.

       The device name in the disklist must have the form
       ´//HOST/SHARE/SUBDIR´ where HOST is the CIFS host, SHARE is the share
       to connect and subdir is the subdirectory to backup. ´/subdir´ can be
       ommited, in which case the complete share is archived. The host in the
       disklist should be the name of an intermediate host that has smbclient
       installed, and is often the Amanda server itself.

       Include or exclude can be used, but not both. The path for ´exclude
       list´ or ´include list´ must be absolute path on the client. The
       estimate calculates the complete size of the share, without regard for
       include or exclude directives. It will be larger than the actual dump
       if you use include or exclude. Using ´estimate server´ in the dumptype
       could give better estimate.

       This section lists the properties that control amsamba´s functionality.
       See amanda-applications(7) for information on application properties
       and how they are configured.


           The path to the smbclient binary.  The default is set when Amanda
           is built.


           The path to the gnutar binary.  The default is set when Amanda is
           built. gnutar is use to create the index.


           Location of the amandapass file, The default is "/etc/amandapass".
           The format of the file is as follow:
             Sharename User%Password Domain

           Sharename is ´//HOST/SHARE´ without the SUBDIR.  Sharename can be
           quoted, it can be ´*´ to match all share, it can be ´//pc-host/*´
           to match all share on pc-host.  User is the username use to connect
           to the share.  Password is the password use to connect to the
           share.  Domain is optional. Example:
             //another-pc/share otheruser%otherpw domain

       amanda.conf(5), amanda-applications(7)

       Jean-Louis Martineau <>
           Zmanda, Inc. (

Amanda 2.6.1p2                    11/05/2009                        AMSAMBA(8)