amstatus − display the state of an Amanda run

amstatus [−−file amdumpfile] [−−[no]detail] [−−[no]summary]
[−−[no]stats] [−−[no]locale−independent−date−format]
[−−config] config

     Amstatus gives the current state of the Amanda run
specified by the config configuration. If there is no active
Amanda running, it summarizes the result of the last run. It
may also be used to summarize the results of a previous run.

     See the amanda(8) man page for more details about

     All options may be abbreviated to the shortest
non−ambiguous sub−string. If no options are given,
everything is displayed.

     [−−config] config
     Specify the Amanda configuration you want to display
     the state for.

     −−file amdumpfile
     Specify an alternate file instead of the amdump or
     amflush file.

     Display a detail of each dles.

     Display a summary of the state of the run.

     Display statistics about active−time of taper and

     Output the date in a locale independent format. The
     format is the same executing: date +'%Y−%m−%d %H:%M:%S

The exit code of amstatus is the ORed value of:
 0  = success
 1  = error
 4  = a dle failed
 8  = Don't know the status of a dle (RESULT_MISSING in the report)
 16 = tape error or no more tape


     amanda(8), amcheck(8), amdump(8), amrestore(8),

     The Amanda Wiki: :

     Stefan G. Weichinger <>