ANALYZE(1)                    LLVM Command Guide                    ANALYZE(1)

       analyze - LLVM program analyzer

       analyze [options] [filename]

       The analyze command performs various analysis of LLVM assembly code or
       bytecode.  It will usually print the results on standard output, but in
       a few cases, it will print output to standard error or generate a file
       with the analysis output, which is usually done when the output is
       meant for another program.

       If filename is omitted or is -, analyze reads its input from standard
       input.  It first attempts to interpret its input as LLVM bytecode.  If
       it encounters an error, it then attempts to parse the input as LLVM
       assembly language.

           Print a summary of command line options.

       -q  Quiet mode.  With this option, analysis pass names are not printed.

       -load plugin
           Load the specified dynamic object with name plugin.  This file
           should contain additional analysis passes that register themselves
           with the analyze program after being loaded.

           After being loaded, additional command line options are made
           available for running the passes made available by plugin.  Use
           analyze -load plugin -help to see the new list of available
           analysis passes.

       -profile-info-file filename
           Specify the name of the file loaded by the -profile-loader option.

           Print statistics.

           Record the amount of time needed for each pass and print it to
           standard error.

       If analyze succeeds, it will exit with 0.  Otherwise, if an error
       occurs, it will exit with a non-zero value.


       Maintained by the LLVM Team (<>).

1.8cvs-debian2                    2006-03-14                        ANALYZE(1)