any(3)                     ERLANG MODULE DEFINITION                     any(3)

       any - the corba any type

       This module contains functions that gives an interface to the CORBA any

       Note that the any interface in orber does not contain a destroy
       function because the any type is represented as an Erlang record and
       therefor will be removed by the garbage collector when not in use.

       The type TC used below describes an IDL type and is a tuple according
       to the to the Erlang language mapping.

       The type Any used below is defined as:

             -record(any, {typecode, value}).

       where typecode is a TC tuple and value is an Erlang term of the type
       defined by the typecode field.

       create() -> Result
       create(Typecode, Value) -> Result

              Types  Typecode = TC
                     Value = term()
                     Result = Any

              The create/0 function creates an empty any record and the
              create/2 function creates an initialized record.

       set_typecode(A, Typecode) -> Result

              Types  A = Any
                     Typecode = TC
                     Result = Any

              This function sets the typecode of A and returns a new any

       get_typecode(A) -> Result

              Types  A = Any
                     Result = TC

              This function returns the typecode of A.

       set_value(A, Value) -> Result

              Types  A = Any
                     Value = term()
                     Result = Any

              This function sets the value of A and returns a new any record.

       get_value(A) -> Result

              Types  A = Any
                     Result = term()

              This function returns the value of A.

       Lars Thorsén -

Ericsson Utvecklings AB          orber  3.2.12                          any(3)