artsportagg(l)                                                  artsportagg(l)

       artsportagg - utility to aggregate port table objects in time domain

       artsportagg [-h hours] [-o] [-q] outfile infile(s)

       artsportagg is a utility that reads port table objects from ARTS files
       (infile(s)) and aggregates them in the time domain, placing the
       resulting port table object(s) into an output file (outfile).

       -h hours
              The -h hours option may be used to specify the period of
              aggregation, in hours.  The hours argument accepts a decimal
              value to permit aggregation by fractional hour values.  When the
              -h hours option is not used, artsportagg will write a single
              port table object for the entire time interval seen in infile(s)
              to outfile.

       -o     By default, artsportagg appends to the output file, so you may
              accumlate aggregate port table objects in a single file over
              multiple invocations of artsportagg.  You may override this
              behavior with the -o option.  This will cause artsportagg to
              overwrite the output file instead of appending to it.

       -q     By default, artsportagg prints a '.' for each port table object
              it reads and prints a '+' for each object it writes.  You may
              suppress this behavior with the -q (quiet) option.

       artsportagg -h 1.0 /tmp/portagg1hr.19980821 arts.19980821

       artsagg(l), artsportmagg(l), artsportms(l), artsports(l), artsdump(l),
       artsases(l), artsasagg(l), artsnets(l), artsnetagg(l), artsprotoagg(l),
       artsprotos(l), artsintfms(l), artsintfmagg(l), artsnexthops(l),
       artsnexthopagg(l), artstos(l), artstoc(l)

       artsportagg and documentation written by Daniel W. McRobb
       CAIDA, August 1998

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