askfilter(1)               Active Spam Killer Manual              askfilter(1)

       askfilter - Active Spam Killer

       askfilter [--procmail] [--logfile=logfile] [--loglevel=loglevel]

       Active Spam Killer (ASK) is a challenge-authentication anti-spam tool
       that attempts to validate unknown senders before allowing delivery of
       their message. Validation occurs by means of a challenge reply sent to
       senders who are not yet known to the system. Messages are kept in a
       queue pending confirmation until the sender replies to the challenge.
       Further messages coming from confirmed senders are delivered

       ASK expects incoming mails on the standard input and performs delivery
       directly to the user's mailbox, as specified in the ~.askrc
       configuration file. If using the --procmail switch, ASK works as a
       procmail(1) filter, delivering messages to stdout and setting the
       appropriate return code for procmail.

       New users should always execute the asksetup(1) bootstrap program to
       create the initial ~/.ask directory and a template .askrc file.

              In this mode, normal messages will be delivered to stdout and
              the corresponding exit codes will be used to mark delivery or
              not.  Use this switch when invoking ASK from procmail(1)

              Specifies the file to be used for logging.

              Specifies the desired logging level. Defaults to 0 (no logging).

              Use homedir as the user's home directory. This is needed with
              some MTAs that do not set the HOME environment variable. It is
              also useful to run several, isolated ASK configurations with a
              unique user account.

              Main configuration file.
              This directory contains the queued files, temporary files and

       The program's home page and the complete documentation can be found at

       Bugs? Where? :)

       Marco Paganini <>

       asksenders(1), asksetup(1), procmail(1)

GNU                                  2003                         askfilter(1)