assplog(8)                           ASSP                           assplog(8)

       assplog - display colorized ASSP log


       assplog uses tail -f to monitor the ASSP Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy log and
       then displays logged messages using ANSI color sequences for easy

       The colors have the following meaning:

       1. Messages that were delivered

              White  Sender was on whitelist (or was added to whitelist)

              Green  Message passed all checks and was delivered

       2. Messages that were blocked

              Blue   Recipient unknown (failed flat list or LDAP check)

                     Message failed any of the other checks

              Red    Message failed Bayesian spam check

       3. Administrative messages

              Cyan   Message to assp-{notspam,spam,white}@ address

              Yellow Admin change from web interface

       Entries from the log are reformatted to a consistent format and
       classified with one of the following tags:

       BA     Bad attachement rejected

       BL     DNSBL check failed

       BS     Bayesian spam check failed

       HL     Bad HELO greeting

       IR     Invalid recipient, failed LDAP or flat list test

       LW     Local or Whitelisted emails

       MA     Malformed RFC822 recipient address

       NS     assp-notspam@ report submission

       Ok     Email that fully passed all tests

       RB     Blocked Relay attempt

       SP     SPF check failed

       WA+    Whitelist addition by local user

       WL+    Whitelist addition of address CC'd in whitelisted email

       SR     assp-spam@ report submission

       assplog does not display all log messages; for a complete view of the
       log, use tail -f directly on the log file.

              location of ASSP log file

       assp(8), tail(1)

                                 May 16, 2005                       assplog(8)