AUTOBENCHD(1)                                                      AUTOBENCHD(1)

       autobenchd - distributed autobench daemon

       autobenchd [--port port] [--bindaddr bindaddr] [--verbose] [--debug]

       autobenchd listens on the port and IP address specified on the command
       line (defaulting to port 4600 and INADDR_ANY if the command line options
       are omitted), and waits for commands from autobench_admin.  When it
       receives these commands, it conducts a benchmark using httperf with the
       arguments specified by autobench_admin, parses the httperf results and
       returns a summary to autobench_admin.  autobench_admin collates the
       results from several instances of autobenchd running on different
       machines, and writes the collated results to a file for analysis.

       --port port
              Listen on port port. Defaults to 4600 if omitted.

       --bindaddr bindaddr
              Bind to the address bindaddr, which may be given as either an IP
              address or hostname.  INADDR_ANY may be specified as `ยด.
              Defaults to INADDR_ANY if omitted.

              Enable verbose output, which logs progress to stderr (perhaps
              --speak would be a better name, since autobenchd is completely
              silent in normal operation).

              Send additional debugging output to stderr, including the raw
              results returned by httperf.

       autobenchd --port 1234 --bindaddr --verbose
              Starts autobenchd on port 1234, bound to, with
              progress reporting enabled.

       autobench_admin(1), httperf(1)

       Julian T. J. Midgley <>

                                October 14, 2002                   AUTOBENCHD(1)