AUTOOPTIMISER(1)                     HUGIN                    AUTOOPTIMISER(1)

       autooptimiser - Optimize image positions

       autooptimiser [options] project.pto

       (- can be specified to read the project from stdio.)

       autooptimiser works similarly to PToptimizer but with extra command-
       line options.

       It is also different in that PToptimizer appends its output onto the
       input file in the form of 'o' lines which need further processing.
       autooptimiser simply updates the project and writes it to a new file.

       -o file.pto
           Output file. If omitted, stdout is used.

       Optimisation options (if not specified, no optimisation takes place):

       -a  Auto align mode, includes various optimisation stages, depending on
           the amount and distribution of the control points

       -p  Pairwise optimisation of yaw, pitch and roll, starting from first

       -m  Optimise photometric parameters

       -n  Optimize parameters specified in script file (like PToptimizer).

       Post-processing options:

       -l  Level horizon (works best for horizontal panoramas)

       -s  Automatically select a suitable output projection and size

       Other options:

       -q  Quiet operation (no progress is reported)

       -v HFOV
           Specify horizontal field of view of input images. Used if the .pto
           file contains invalid HFOV values (autopano-SIFT writes .pto files
           with invalid HFOV)

       When -a, -l, -m and -s options are used together, an operation similar
       to the one of the "Align" button in hugin is performed.

       Written by Pablo d'Angelo. Also contains contributions from Douglas
       Wilkins, Ippei Ukai, Ed Halley, Bruno Postle, Gerry Patterson and Brent

       This man page was written by Cyril Brulebois
       <> and is licensed under the same terms
       as the hugin package itself.

"Version: 2019.2.0"               2020-05-12                  AUTOOPTIMISER(1)