BDD101(1)                     ALLIANCE BDD LIBRARY                     BDD101(1)

       bdd -  Mutli Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams

       This software belongs to the  ALLIANCE CAD SYSTEM developed by the ASIM
       team at LIP6 laboratory of Université Pierre et Marie CURIE, in Paris,

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       bdd is a library that enables to represent a boolean expression as a
       Multi Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams.

       viewbddallocinfo    - displays memory informations.

       applybddnodenot     - complements a bdd.

       applybddnodeterm    - applies an operator on two bdd nodes.

       applybddnode        - applies an operator on two bdd nodes.

       applybddnodeite     - computes the IF-THEN-ELSE  logical operation.

       applybddnodelist    - applies an opertor to a bdd nodes list.

       addbddassoc         - creates a new association variables.

       addbddnodeassoc     - adds a bdd node in a variable association.

       delbddassoc         - deletes a variable association.

       delbddnodeassoc     - deletes a bdd node in a variable association.

       destroybddassoc     - frees all the variable associations.

       viewbddassoc        - displays variable associations.

       checkbddvar         - checks the coherence of a variable.

       checkbddindex       - checks the coherence of a bdd index.

       checkbddoper        - ckecks the coherence of an operator.

       checkbddassoc       - checks a variable association.

       checkbddmaxnode     - checks if the max node reached.

       createbddcircuit    - creates a bdd circuit.

       resetbddcircuit     - resets a bdd circuit.

       destroybddcircuit   - frees a bdd circuit.

       searchbddcircuitin  - searches a specified input in a circuit.

       addbddcircuitin     - adds a new input in a circuit.

       addbddcircuitaux    - adds an auxialiary variable in a circuit.

       searchbddcircuitout - searches a specified output in a circuit.

       addbddcircuitout    - adds a new output in a circuit.

       delbddcircuitout    - deletes a specified output in a circuit.

       addbddcircuitabl    - converts an abl to a bdd node.

                           - converts a bdd node to an abl.

                           - converts a bdd node to an abl.

       viewbddcircuit      - displays a bdd circuit.

       cofactorbddnode     - computes the generalized cofactor.

       restrictbddnode     - substitutes a variable by zero or one.

       composebddnode      - substitutes a variable by a bdd node.

       convertbddindexabl  - converts a bdd index to an atomic abl.

       convertbddmuxabl    - converts a bdd node to a multiplexor.

       convertbddnodeabl   - converts a bdd node to an abl.

                           - converts a bdd node to an abl.

       existbddnodeassocon -  computes an existantial quantification.

                           - computes an existantial quantification.

       garbagebddsystem    - forces a bdd garbage collection.

       implybddnode        - computes a bdd that implies a conjonction.

       intersectbddnode    - tests for an intersection.

       markbddnode         - marks a bdd node.

       unmarkbddnode       - clears a marked bdd node.

       getbddnodenum       - gets the number of nodes in a bdd.

       getbddnodesize      - gets the number of nodes in a bdd.

       addbddnode          - adds a new bdd node.

       addbddnodelist      - adds a node in a chain_list.

       delbddnode          - deletes a bdd node.

       delbddnodelist      - deletes a list of bdd nodes.

       viewbddnode         - displays a bdd node.

       incbddrefext        - increments the number of external reference.

       incbddrefint        - increments the number of internal reference.

       decbddrefext        - decrements the number of external reference.

       decbddrefint        - decrements the number of internal reference.

       setbddrefext        - sets a node visible from outside.

       unsetbddrefext      - sets a node invisible from outside.

                           - clears all the internal references.

                           - clears all the external references.

       clearbddsystemref   - clears all the references.

       relprodbddnodeassoc - computes a relation product.

                           - reorders the bdd nodes.

                           - reorders the bdd nodes.

       reorderbddsystemtop - reorders the bdd nodes.

                           - sets the dynamic reorder parameters.

       satisfybddnode      - finds a satisfying path for a bdd.

       simpbddnodedcon     - simplifies a bdd with don't cares on its on-set.

       simpbddnodedcoff    - simplifies a bdd with don't cares on its off-set

       substbddnodeassoc   - substitutes variables with bdd nodes.

       getbddnodesupport   - gives the support of a bdd node.

       isbddvarinsupport   - checks if a variable appears in a bdd node.

       createbddsystem     - creates a bdd system.

       resetbddsystem      - resets a bdd system.

       destroybddsystem    - frees a bdd system.

       viewbddsystem       - displays a bdd system.

       viewbddsysteminfo   - displays statisticals informations.

       testbddcircuit      - debbugs a bdd circuit.

       addbddvar           - creates a new variable.

       addbddvarlast       - creates a new variable.

       addbddvarfirst      - creates a new variable.

       addbddvarbefore     - creates a new variable.

       addbddvarafter      - creates a new variable.

       sweepbddvar         - sweeps all the unused nodes for a variable.

       swapbddvar          - swaps two contigous variables.

       getbddvarbyindex    - converts bdd index to a variable number.

       getbddvarindex      - converts a variable number in a bdd index.

       getbddvarnode       - gives the bdd node of a variable.

                           - gives the bdd node of a variable.

       addbddvarauxsingle  - creates an auxiliary variable.

       addbddvarauxglobal  - creates an auxiliary variable.

       libBdd101.a :

       allocbdduserfunc, allocbddheath, allocbddhnode, allocbddhoper,
       allocbddhnodetable, allocbddhopertable, allocbddblock, allocbddnodeblock,
       allocbddvartree, allocbddvarchild, allocbddvarnode, allocbddindexnode,
       allocbddvar, allocbddindex, allocbddassoc, allocbddassocnode,
       allocbddnamein, allocbddindexin, allocbddsystem, allocbddcircuit,
       viewbddallocinfo, applybddnodenot, applybddnodeterm, applybddnode,
       applybddnodeite, applybddnodelist, addbddassoc, addbddnodeassoc,
       delbddassoc, delbddnodeassoc, destroybddassoc, viewbddassoc, addbddblock,
       createbddblock, resetbddblock, destroybddblock, viewbddblock,
       checkbddvar, checkbddindex, checkbddoper, checkbddassoc, checkbddmaxnode,
       createbddcircuit, resetbddcircuit, destroybddcircuit, searchbddcircuitin,
       addbddcircuitin, addbddcircuitaux, searchbddcircuitout, addbddcircuitout,
       delbddcircuitout, addbddcircuitabl, convertbddcircuitabl,
       convertbddcircuitsumabl, viewbddcircuit, cofactorbddnode,
       restrictbddnode, composebddnode, convertbddindexabl, convertbddmuxabl,
       convertbddnodeabl, convertbddnodesumabl, existbddnodeassocon,
       existbddnodeassocoff, freebdduserfunc, freebddheath, freebddhnode,
       freebddhoper, freebddhnodetable, freebddhopertable, freebddblock,
       freebddnodeblock, freebddvartree, freebddvarchild, freebddvarnode,
       freebddindexnode, freebddvar, freebddindex, freebddassoc,
       freebddassocnode, freebddnamein, freebddindexin, freebddsystem,
       freebddcircuit, garbagebddsystem, getbddheathvar, getbddheath,
       delbddheath, setbddhnodefunc, getbddhnodesize, getbddhnodekey,
       getbddhnodeindex, checkbddhnode, createbddhnodetable,
       destroybddhnodetable, resetbddhnodetable, resizebddhnodetable,
       stretchbddhnodetable, addbddhnode, delbddhnode, viewbddhnode,
       viewbddhnodetable, viewbddindexnode, viewbddvarnode, setbddhoperfunc,
       getbddhopersize, getbddhoperkey, createbddhopertable,
       destroybddhopertable, resetbddhopertable, addbddhoper, searchbddhoper,
       viewbddhoper, viewbddhopertable, implybddnode, intersectbddnode,
       markbddnode, unmarkbddnode, getbddnodenum, getbddnodesize, addbddnode,
       addbddnodelist, delbddnode, delbddnodelist, viewbddnode, incbddrefext,
       incbddrefint, decbddrefext, decbddrefint, setbddrefext, unsetbddrefext,
       clearbddsystemrefint, clearbddsystemrefext, clearbddsystemref,
       relprodbddnodeassoc, reorderbddvartreewindow2, reorderbddvartreewindow3,
       reorderbddsystemsimple, reorderbddsystemwindow, reorderbddsystemtop,
       reorderbddsystemdynamic, resizebddvarchild, resizebddvarnode,
       resizebddvar, resizebddindexnode, resizebddindex, resizebddassocnode,
       resizebddnamein, resizebddindexin, satisfybddnode, simpbddnodedcon,
       simpbddnodedcoff, substbddnodeassoc, getbddnodesupport,
       isbddvarinsupport, createbddsystem, resetbddsystem, destroybddsystem,
       viewbddsystem, viewbddsysteminfo, testbddcircuit, addbdduserfunc,
       delbdduserfunc, execbdduserfunc, destroybdduserfunc, newbddvar,
       addbddvar, addbddvarlast, addbddvarfirst, addbddvarbefore,
       addbddvarafter, sweepbddvar, swapbddvar, getbddvarbyindex,
       getbddvarindex, getbddvarnode, getbddvarnodebyindex, addbddvarauxsingle,
       addbddvarauxglobal, searchbddvartree, deltabddvartree, shiftbddvartree,
       addbddvartree, swapbddvartree, createbddvartree, resetbddvartree,
       destroybddvartree, viewbddvartree.


       This tool is under development at the ASIM department of the LIP6
       We need your feedback to improve documentation and tools.

ASIM/LIP6                        October 1, 1997                       BDD101(1)