BEEF(1)                          User Commands                         BEEF(1)

       beef - flexible Brainfuck interpreter

       beef [OPTIONS] FILE

       beef is a Brainfuck interpreter written in C. It is written with
       flexibility and portability in mind: it is not the smallest nor the
       fastest Brainfuck interpreter on Earth, but it has some options to
       control his behavior and doesn't suffer most of the limitations which
       are usually present in Brainfuck interpreters.

       One of the best features of beef is that it has no limitations on the
       length of the tape, which is created dinamically, and allows you to
       move in any direction, even to move an unlimited amount of cells left
       when you are on the starting cell.

       beef also allows you to control his behavior in case it reads and EOF
       from the input stream: see below for a list of available options.

       -d     Enable debugging. The debugging command # is not part of the
              Brainfuck language, but it's an useful feature for the
              programmer, so most interpreters implement it. Debugging is off
              by default.

       -e     When read an EOF from input, store an EOF in the current cell.
              This is for compatibility with programs written for other
              interpreters; the default behavior is to store a 0 in the
              current cell when an EOF is read.

       -n     When read an EOF from input, do nothing. This is the default
              behavior in some other interpreters, so it's supported in beef
              for compatibility reasons.  The default behavior is to store a 0
              on the current cell instead.

              Show the version number and exit successfully.

       --help Show a short help message and exit with success.

       beef returns an exit staus of zero on success, or an exit status of -1
       if it was unable to perform the requested operation.

       Please note that no checks are performed on the code: if the code you
       are trying to run is buggy, beef will run it anyway and the result will
       probably differ from what you expected.

       This manual page was written by KiyuKo <eof AT kiyuko DOT org>

0.0.6                          February 01, 2007                       BEEF(1)