BGLTAGS(1)                  General Commands Manual                 BGLTAGS(1)

       bgltags - generate tag file for Emacs

       bgltags [ options ] [ objfile [ gmon.out ] ]

       The bgltags program is used to create a tag table file, in a format
       understood by emacs(1). This programs understand the syntax of the
       Bigloo files. It reads the files specified on the command line, and
       write a tag table (defaults: TAGS) in the current working directory.
       Files specified with relative file names will be recorded in the tag
       table with file names relative to the directory where the tag table re-
       sides.  Files specified with absolute file names will be recorded with
       absolute file names. The program does not recognize the language used
       in an input file based on its file name and contents.  The --language
       switch can be used to force parsing of the file names following the
       switch according to the given language, overriding guesses based on
       file-name extensions. Source files that are not Scheme are actually
       processed by the etags program.

       -a, --append
            Append to existing tag file.

       -o tagfile, --output=tagfile
            Explicit name of file for tag table; overrides  default  `TAGS'.

       -v   Print the current version of the program.

            Generate an entry in the table for each modules. Normally modules
            identifier are not indexed in the tags table.

       bigloo(1), bglafile(1), bgldepend(1), etags(1), emacs(1), bglmco(1),

       Manuel SERRANO,

                                  Aug 15 1998                       BGLTAGS(1)