blow(1)                   BSD General Commands Manual                  blow(1)

     suck, blow — transfer data over a TCP connection

     suck [-v] [-p port] [remote-ip]
     blow [-v] [-p port] [remote-ip]

     Suck and blow are simple programs used to transfer data over a TCP
     connection.  Blow is the originator of the data, which is read from
     standard input, while suck is the recipient of the data, which is written
     to standard output.

     Either program may originate the TCP connection which is used for the
     transfer; whichever program is supplied with the remote-ip argument will
     be the originator.  The other program is expected to have already been
     started, with no remote-ip argument, causing it to await a connection
     from the peer.

     These programs are often useful in conjunction with archiving programs
     such as tar(1).

     The options are as follows:

     -v      Increased verbosity.

     -p      Specify an alternate TCP port to use. The default port is 6060.

     To transfer the directory hierarchy mystuff from machine A to machine B,
     first on machine B:

           [machineB] $ suck | tar xvf -

     and then on machine A:

           [machineA] $ tar cvf - mystuff | blow machineB

     If machine B was behind a firewall, you could do this instead:

           [machineA] $ tar cvf - mystuff | blow

     and then on machine B:

           [machineB] $ suck machineA | tar xvf -

     cpio(1), tar(1)

     Archie Cobbs <>

4th Berkeley Distribution        June 23, 2000       4th Berkeley Distribution