BMPANEL2(1)                     Bmpanel2 Manual                    BMPANEL2(1)

       bmpanel2 - X11 NETWM compliant panel (desktop switcher, taskbar,
       systray, clock, launcher, etc.) with themeing capabilities.

       bmpanel2 [-h|--help] [--version] [--usage] [--list] [--theme=<theme>]

       BMPanel2 (bitmap panel) is a tiny little bar on the top of the screen
       or on the bottom. It contains different "widgets" - the pieces of
       functionality which help user to interact with his desktop. Some of the
       default widgets include:

        1. Taskbar - A list of tasks (windows) on the current desktop.

        2. Desktop Switcher - Allows user to choose current desktop.

        3. Systray - Also known as notification area.

        4. Clock - No comments.

        5. Launchbar - Allows user to run different programs in one click.

       The main goal of this project is to create a simple, lightweight, nice
       looking, but still useful panel, that will be accompanied with another
       piece of a really good software - the Openbox 3.

       -h, --help
           Prints short list with following tiny descriptions of all of the

           Prints currently installed version of the bmpanel2.

           Prints the most shortest possible bmpanel2 usage reminder.

           Lists all themes found on known paths for current user. Additional
           info such as theme author name will be printed also.

           Override theme parameter in the config file.

       Code and art:

       ·   nsf <>

       Noir theme:

       ·   Andrew Nayenko <>

       A lot of Creative Commons covered theme ports (alduin, auriel, curvy,
       flora, striped):

       ·   weakhead (

Bmpanel 2.1                       01/13/2010                       BMPANEL2(1)