BUILDDBM(8)                   Cistron Radius Daemon                  BUILDDBM(8)

       builddbm -- build DBM file from RADIUS users file.


       This utility is used to build a DBM file (in DBM, NDBM or DB format) from
       the radius users file to save memory and increase speed.

       Usage of this utility is only encouraged if you have more than, say, 2000
       entries in the users file. Normally, radiusd reads the users file into
       memory at startup. With very large files this may cost too many resources
       and it may then be wiser to use a DBM file to save memory and speed up
       the server.

       The file format used is so that all semantics of the normal users file
       are preserved, in particular ordering, multiple entries with duplicate
       keys, and Fall-Through.

       Note that normally the radius server resolves hostnames into IP addresses
       just once when it starts up, but with a DBM users file it is done for
       each request. It's probably a good idea to use IP addresses directly
       instead of hostnames with attributes like Framed-IP-Address.

       radiusd(8), users(5rad).

       Miquel van Smoorenburg,

                                   09 Nov 2001                       BUILDDBM(8)