builddbm ‐ build a DBM version of Radius users database

builddbm [‐d config_dir] [input_file]

     builddbm ‐h

Builddbm converts the plaintext Radius users database into DBM files. Some
versions of Radius daemon have used this to speed up the access to the users

     However in this implementation of Radius daemon things go the other way
around. The server reads entire plaintext database, converts it into internal
form and stores into hash table which provides for fast access. Actually, using
DBM version of the users database slows down the access unless the machine which
runs Radius daemon is short of address space for the daemon to store the users
database into.

     Optionally, Radius daemon can use both plaintext and DBM databases, in
which case it first looks up the user in the former, and if not found, continues
search in the latter.

When used without arguments, builddbm utility attempts to convert file
/usr/local/etc/raddb/users into /usr/local/etc/raddb/users.db or
/usr/local/etc/raddb/users.pag, /usr/local/etc/raddb/users.dir pair depending on
the version of DBM library used.

     If used with one argument, the argument is taken as the name of the
plaintext database file to operate upon.

‐d   Specifies alternate directory for the Radius users database files. This
     defaults to /usr/local/etc/raddb.

     Default plaintext database.

     Default output file.

The information in this manpage may be obsolete or incomplete. Please refer to
texinfo documentation for full information about GNU Radius tools.

users(5rad), radiusd(8rad), config(5rad)