catdoc(1)                   General Commands Manual                  catdoc(1)

       catdoc - reads MS-Word file and puts its content as plain text on
       standard output

       catdoc [-aswth] files...

       wordview [file]

       catdoc behaves much like cat(1) but it reads MS-Word file and produces
       human-readable text on standard output.  Optionally it can use latex(1)
       escape sequenses for characters which have specail meaning for LaTeX.
       It also makes some effort to recognize MS-Word tables, although it
       never tries to write correct headers for LaTeX tabular environment.

       catdoc can be invoked as filter, if you supply "-" instead of filename,
       but it is probably useless. It could be removed in future versions,
       becouse true parsing of Word file (fast saves, footnotes) requires
       seekable output.

       wordview is Tcl/Tk script to view word files in X.

       -a      - converts non-standard printable char into readable form
               (default).  Separates table columns with TAB

       -t      - converts all printable chars, which have special meaning for
               LaTeX(1) into appropriate control sequences. Separates table
               columns by &.

       -w      disables word wrapping. By default catdoc output is splitted
               into lines not longer than 72 characters and paragraphs are
               separated by blank line. With this option each paragraph is one
               long line.

       -s      exits with non-zero exit code, if MS-Word signature is not
               found before first printable paragraph, producing no output.

       -h      - displays brief usage message and exits

       All options affect only files, specified after them in command line.

       Can produce garbage, if file contain embedded illustrations. Doesn't
       handle fast-saves properly. Prints footnotes as separate paragraphs at
       the end of file, instead of producing correct latex commands.

       V.B.Wagner <>

MS-Word reader                   Version 0.35                        catdoc(1)